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- Crawl through vast, procedurally generated dungeons and overworlds.

- Use explosives or other means to create your own path through a destructible world.

- Crush your enemies in visceral, fast-paced, collision-based melee and spell combat.

- Immerse yourself in a dank, dark ambiance.

- Battle intelligent enemies that evade and surround you to claw and slash you to death.

- Use intuitive casting mechanics that allow casting of rapid-fire or big powerful spells on the fly.

- Combine interchangeable runes which control all aspects of your spells. Spells can be customized as far as the way they move, how they are controlled, the area they affect, how they fork or chain, and of course, what the effects are at each stage of the spell designated by specific combinations of elements.

- Real world objects. Chests and other containers don’t use menus, but instead have actual items inside.

- Play offline or online with your saved characters in any world, run a normal or dedicated server with a persistent world that saves in real-time, team up with other players for questing or building, and engage in player vs player or even clan based combat.

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