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- Crawl through vast, procedurally generated dungeons and overworlds.

- Use explosives or other means to create your own path through a destructible world.

- Crush your enemies in visceral, fast-paced, collision-based melee and spell combat.

- Immerse yourself in a dank, dark ambiance.

- Battle intelligent enemies that evade and surround you to claw and slash you to death.

- Use intuitive casting mechanics that allow casting of rapid-fire or big powerful spells on the fly.

- Combine interchangeable runes which control all aspects of your spells. Spells can be customized as far as the way they move, how they are controlled, the area they affect, how they fork or chain, and of course, what the effects are at each stage of the spell designated by specific combinations of elements.

- Real world objects. Chests and other containers don’t use menus, but instead have actual items inside.

- Play offline or online with your saved characters in any world, run a normal or dedicated server with a persistent world that saves in real-time, team up with other players for questing or building, and engage in player vs player or even clan based combat.

Game Description

Tomes of Mephistopheles is a combination of dungeon crawler and FPS, with a raw approach at game-play, and a strong focus on compelling graphics and visuals without compromising either aspect. The style of game-play will be much like an action oriented FPS, but with all the elements of a traditional role-playing-game without tying up the player in tedious menus in the middle of intense action. Combat is focused on actual collision rather than selecting a target and using an automated ability. This goes for melee skills as well as spells. Players will require real skill wielding their characters as they are required to aim and dodge in melee, or control spells that they have designed on their own.

ToM has the capacity for vast dungeons to explore and battle within, as well as the ability to manipulate the world with methods such as, explosives, spells, or the brute force of vicious AI. There is a high possibility of outdoor surface areas, with forests, villages, and multiple entrances to other underground or above ground areas which may be interconnected over miles of playing space.

Dungeons will consist of levels much like the old ASCII roguelikes such as NetHack. (There may be a hardcore mode with perma-death, but that’s undecided as of yet.) The player will progress though quests and eventually venture down to the furthest depths of the dungeons in pursuit of their final goal or simply to upgrade their character by finding rare equipment and items, or the materials to craft their own to customize their own way.

ToM is also multi-player, but it is not required. Players will be allowed to share their generated worlds in whatever state they’ve left them in, or bring their characters to other worlds and either play cooperatively or wreak havoc upon the land if the server will allow such styles of play. Players will be allowed to move their character from one world to another at any time, single player to multi-player or vice versa, but will lose their bind point in their old world when doing so. All worlds are saved live, so if you leave a server up, other players can join and adventure in your world while you’re away and any changes they make to your world are permanent. It is entirely up to the owner of the server to decide what they will allow other players to do.

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