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Does Tomes of Mephistopheles have a DRM solution?

No, the game is DRM-free.

Why does Tomes of Mephistopheles have a download limit?

Unlike some independent games, we are aiming at a AAA level of content. This increases our costs for downloads. Content delivery networks cost a lot and as the game will grow in size, so will our bills. So to keep things affordable, we have this in place.

How will I get alpha updates if I exceed my download limit?

The updates will be provided as separate downloads. Each of the update files will have its own download limit. Please use the resources wisely, don't waste bandwidth.

Why do I need to create yet another account if I want to buy ToM directly from you? I am affraid hackers will steal my financial information.

Only valid e-mail and your name is required to register. You need to create account in our e-Shoppe to prevent anyone else from downloading your games and so we can reach you over e-mail to let you know about new updates and patches. We do not ask for or store your credit/debit card information. All transactions are handled by PayPal or Dwolla once you press CheckOut button. Our e-Shoppe is also secured by SSL so even your e-mail is pretty safe.

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