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- Health: 100

- Melee Range: short - med

- Plans: Will have various weapons and equipment, and run at their target.

Fire Mage:

- Health: 75

- Melee Range: short - med

- Spells: thrown Fireball

- Plans: Will have basic fire resistance and cast a short duration fire resistance spell during combat.

Arch Fire Mage:

- Health: 150

- Melee Range: med - long

- Spells: guided Fireball

- Distinctions: Large in size. Constantly in flames.

- Plans: Will have constant high fire resistance.


- Health: 150

- Melee Range: med - long

- Spells: direct Fireball

- Distinctions: Large in size.

- Plans: Will raise the dead and cast Freezing Wind instead of Fireball.

Pain Elemental:

- Health: 2000

- Melee Range: med - extra long

- Spells: flight Fireball (med-high intensity)

- Distinctions: Consists of red particles that can be separated from the main entity.

- Other Abilities: Left hand particle can cast spells if separated or connected. Hunter (Sensitive to sound, will search for the source.), can destroy walls.

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